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TrueWealth is taking control of your career, your money and your life.

Discover how you can create TrueWealth.

More Money

More Control

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Do You Feel Like You’re Running On a Hamster Wheel, Going Faster to Keep from Getting Further Behind?

Tired of exchanging your time for money?

Of working harder for less revenue?

Of working for people who don’t respect your value?

Of being on the edge of burnout?

Of asking, “Is this what I worked so hard for?” and wondering if there’s more?

Are you struggling to feel joy in your career and life?

Your Value Transcends Your Ability to Treat Individual Patients.

As a doctor, you might see yourself as someone who generates revenue by treating individual patients. Period.

You may see entrepreneurial physicians doing extraordinary things you admire and think, “I could never do that!”

However, the only difference between you and that doctor is the vision of what’s possible, the courage to take a risk and the grit to make it work.

And you already have all of that or you wouldn’t be here.

Now you just need to sprinkle in a bit of entrepreneurial attitude. And I can help you.

Join the Growing Numbers of Physicians Who Generate Revenue Doing Work They Love — and Building Their Life by Design

Get clarity around what’s important to you, what’s working and what’s not working
Leverage your medical degree for fresh opportunities
Reclaim your time by creating multiple streams of income
Acquire critical business and marketing skills to support your business ventures
Discover the options that are available to you as a doctor
Generate income as a doctor outside your clinical career
Run your medical practice like a revenue-generating business—without the guilt
Achieve the personal, professional and financial rewards that attracted you to a career in medicine
Experience more joy, more money and more freedom.
"Dr. Vicki Rackner is a ten-strike find! She's helped my practice tremendously."
Dr. Sally Mounts

I Help Doctors Translate Their Dreams into Reality

I call on my experience as a previous practicing surgeon, clinical faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine and serial entrepreneur to help doctors thrive.

Over the past two decades, I successfully replaced my surgeon’s income with the revenue from multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

But I made a lot of painful mistakes.

My biggest mistake was not understanding that my lack of basic business skills got in the way of my financial and life success as a doctor.

But once I cracked the business code, I saw a transformation in my results.

I can help you avoid the same costly mistakes so you can design a life you truly love.

“Dr. Vicki Rackner offers a roadmap for success and the magic elixir of hope.”
Ed Hallowell, MD, Child Psychiatrist and Best-selling Author

Achieve TrueWealth While Serving in Meaningful Ways


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